Callout for 2022 Executive Election

NSWMSC performs a multitude of functions key to the daily lives of medical students, thus requiring motivated, skilled and dedicated individuals to direct its course. All positions on the NSWMSC are open for election in 2022:  

  • President  
  • Vice President Internal 
  • Vice President External 
  • Secretary  
  • Treasurer  
  • Sponsorship Officer  
  • Events Directors (2 positions available, option to apply as a paired team or individually)
  • Publications Officer  
  • Advocacy Officer  
  • IT Officer  
  • International Students’ Representative (2 positions available, option to apply as a paired team or individually) 
  • Indigenous Students’ Representative    

Each position has a specific application process and will be outlined in the respective sections below. However, common to all applications are the following: 

  1. Personal statement (200 words) – must contain a description of interest and motivation 
  2. Relevant curriculum vitae (CV): 
    1. 2 pages maximum, 12pt font
    2. Prior experience and other factors influencing eligibility should be highlighted
  3. Filling out the relevant online form with contact and other details 

If for any reason the personal statement and CV cannot be attached to the relevant point in the form then please email it (along with a name and position being applied for) to Sharon Hu, at by 11:59pm Monday 15th October 2021. If there are multiple applications being submitted, then each position and its relevant documents must be sent in a separate email.  

Applicants for particular roles (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are required to be available on Sunday 17th October via Zoom for a speech and/or interview. While it is strongly encouraged to attend, if you are unable to, please notify us and we will try our best to accommodate you. Other positions are only required to submit a written response as well as the other components outlined in the relevant section below. After applying, you should receive a confirmation email from before the end of Saturday 16th October.  

Each university will have a single vote per Executive position. In the case of a tie, the current Executive will place a deciding vote.

Please read the role descriptions below and feel free to contact the relevant 2021 NSWMSC executive member for more information:  

Head over to the following page to apply: 2022 executive election submission form