NSW Intern Swap Submission

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The rules for swapping internships have been outlined by HETI and are stated below:

  • “It is important for medical students to be aware that, once intern offers are made and accepted, a very small number of interns can arrange a swap. As discussed with its key stakeholders, HETI is not able to offer an intern swap process.
  • HETI is responsible for administering the process of allocating positions to prevocational interns in an equitable way. This process uses an algorithm to allocate positions, based on the preferences applicants list on their application and the positions available at the time of allocation.
  • HETI then advises Local Health Districts, who are responsible for drawing up employment contracts for interns who have accepted positions with them. This occurs in September each year once all positions have been filled.
  • HETI is unable to facilitate the swapping of internship positions. Interns are advised that any proposed transfer or swap for intern positions can only be raised with the employer, which can only happen once your employer has made contact with you.”

By using this form you are confirming that you have read the above HETI disclaimer and agree to use this process appropriately and respectfully.

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