Internship Information

Graduating in 2021? Below you will find some helpful resources/information relating to the 2022 NSW Intern intake, provided to NSWMSC by HETI. The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is accredited by the Medical Board of Australia as the intern training accreditation authority for New South Wales.
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In 2021, the NSWMSC is running the Internship Support Group 2021 for all 2021 Internship Applicants. Please join this page to receive regular reminders, updates, resources and forums for all your 2021 Internship concerns.

Internship Swap Forum

The Internship Swap Forum is an initiative run by the NSW Medical Students’ Council  designed to connect graduating medical students who are interested in swapping the location of their internship allocation for 2022.

Students may list their allocated hospital network along with the networks that they wish to swap into for internship in 2022 into a state database full of other students listings. Students can then be connected to another student that wishes to exchange their internship offer for the listed exchange. Matched students may then contact their Local Hospital District to coordinate the official exchange of internship positions.

2021 Health, Education and Training Information

The Medical portfolio at HETI manages the applications and allocation of medical graduates across the NSW prevocational training networks. Applications for intern positions are completed online via the Prevocational Training Application Program. For all the relevant information, follow the link in the button below.

If you have any specific questions, please contact HETI by either emailing or calling (02) 9844 6562   

Internship Resources