Instructions for the NSW Intern Swap Directory for 2024


As per HETI, to be eligible to request a swap an applicant must:
  • Have currently accepted an offer for an intern position for the 2024 clinical year at one of the 15 NSW prevocational training networks or at a participating rural hospital through the Rural Preferential Recruitment pathway (JMO Manager approval required)
  • Hold the same residency status as their swap partner as outlined in the NSW Health priority list
  • Ensure that swaps are requested on or before the closing date and time of offer period two and demonstrate approval as required. Deadline for the 2024 clinical year is 9am Friday 8 September 2023
  • Act ethically in initiating and committing to swaps. Please note that all swaps are subject to scrutiny and when sending HETI a swap request, applicants will be required to confirm in writing that they have not offered or accepted payment for the swap arrangement.
Swaps will not be facilitated for:
  • Applicants with different residency status. For example: swaps between categories 1, 2, and 3 and categories 4, 5, and 6 applicants cannot be requested
  • A request received after the deadline – 9am Friday 8 September 2023
  • NSW applicants who wish to swap to interstate positions
  • Interstate applicants who do not hold an accepted offer for an intern position in NSW for the 2024 clinical year. • Applicants who have offered, or accepted payment for a swap arrangement
  • Applicants who indicate that they will be declining their offer after the swap
  • Applicants who have engaged in unethical behaviour.
See HETI's Guidelines for Requesting an Intern Position Swap in NSW for further information.
See the How to navigate the NSW Intern Swap Directory for 2024 guide. Click on "Add Listing" to submit a listing on the intern swap directory. You will be asked to provide your allocated health district and contact information (the email address you supply here will be how people get in touch with you to arrange a swap). To protect your privacy, we will only allow your first name to be published. For students looking to swap between RPR hospitals, please include "RPR" in your first name when you "Add Listing". Your email address and last name will not be displayed publicly on the website. You will be required to create an account (including an email address and username). We strongly advise you create an account using the same email address as your listing to minimise confusion. To activate your account, you will need to follow the link that you are emailed to set a password. This account allows you to log in to the NSW MSC website to access and edit your listing in the future. You MUST have an account to be able to message another individual. Please check your junk or spam folders for your account registration email and remember to add this address as an email contact.  
Firstly, please check your junk/spam email folders as it's likely the confirmation email has been sent there. Remember to add this email address as a contact otherwise future messages will also go to your spam/junk folder. If you are still having problems, please get in touch with
You must log in to your profile to make changes to your listing. Find your listing, click on the "Edit/Delete" button and you will be able to make changes to your current listing.
Listings are categorised into the health network individuals have been allocated. For example, if you were hoping to swap with an individual allocated Network 01, click on the "Network 01 - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Dubbo Health Service" category below. Alternatively, you can "View All Listings".
You must log in to your account. Select the listing you are interested in and scroll to the bottom to send your message. It will be sent as an email to the listee. You may wish to include your contact details in your message.
Check your emails, particularly your junk/spam folder. Any messages pertaining to your listing will be sent as an email to the email account you supplied with your listing (this may be different to the email address you used to create your NSW MSC website account).
The contact details (email address) of the person who has messaged you will be included in the message. You can now reply to this message by directly emailing the potential swap partner.
  1. Accept your offer with HETI
  2. Find a partner(s) to swap with who holds the same residency status as their swap partner as outlined in the NSW Health priority list (can be a 2-way swap) by browsing the listings on the Intern Swap Directory. To contact a student, log in to your NSW MSC account and “Send a Message”. Remember to check your emails regularly in case someone has tried to get in touch with you!
  3. Email the relevant information in ONE email to HETI internship mailbox ( - see the picture below for details that must be included in the email
  4. Wait to receive confirmation of the swap being actioned by HETI
  5. Wait to be notified the swap has been finalised after the offer period closes
Please note that in the case of an offer being rescinded (for example, your swap partner has decided to take an offer interstate or not at all), your swap will not be successful. NSWMSC will request for HETI to ensure that in these cases, it is immediately communicated to you as opposed to after the final offer period ends.

All swap requests must be submitted to HETI before 9:00am Friday 8 September 2023.

You can use the swap directory just like everyone else however please ensure:
  1. You include the word "RPR" in your first name when you "Add Listing".
  2. You will need to have written approval from BOTH RPR hospitals or an RPR hospital and a network before you send an email to HETI advising them of the swap. You will need to provide this evidence to HETI in your swap request email.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact