2023 NSWMSC Executive Election Callout

NSWMSC performs a multitude of functions key to the daily lives of medical students, thus requiring motivated, skilled and dedicated individuals to direct its course. NSWMSC are still looking for committee members for 2023:

  • IT Officer

Each position has a specific application process and will be outlined in the respective sections below. However, common to all applications are the following: 

  1. Personal statement (200 words) – must contain a description of interest and motivation 
  2. Relevant curriculum vitae (CV): 
    1. 2 pages maximum, 12pt font
    2. Prior experience and other factors influencing eligibility should be highlighted
  3. Filling out the relevant online form with contact and other details 

If for any reason the personal statement and CV cannot be attached to the relevant point in the form then please email it (along with a name and position being applied for) to Caitlin Del Solar, at secretary@nswmsc.org.au. After applying, you should receive a confirmation email from secretary@nswmsc.org.au.  

Please read the role description below and feel free to contact the relevant 2022 NSWMSC executive member for more information:  

2023 Position Descriptions Round 3

Required Components 
  • Curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum, 12pt font)  
  • Personal statement (200 words)  
  • Interview (via videoconference at a date TBA following NSWMSC Council 3)  
Roles and responsibilities 
  • Maintain and oversee the NSWMSC website, Internship Applicant Support Page, domain name and hosting accounts
  • Create and manage the NSWMSC Microsoft Teams Server 
  • Throughout the year, continually update, improve and extend the NSWMSC website 
  • Oversee email address creation and management for NSWMSC Executive 
  • Liaise with the President and Secretary to ensure content posted online such as AMSA reports and policy updates are relevant and current  
  • Liaise with the Secretary to ensure that Council meeting minutes are obtained for inclusion on the website 
  • Liaise with the Sponsorship Officer to ensure that sponsors' logos, links and descriptions are updated on the website  
  • Liaise with Publications Officer to ensure all publications are promptly shared onto the website 
Desirable attributes 
  • Familiarity and confidence using and troubleshooting IT systems  
  • Experience using WordPress website builder
  • Experience using Microsoft and Teams Administration Software 
  • Availability to help troubleshoot short-notice IT complications  
  • Strong communication skills